Thursday, August 31, 2006

LSIDs and DOIs for ant (and other hymenopteran) literature

I've now got LSIDs for literature served by the Hymenoptera Name Server and Antbase. As an added bonus, I serve DOIs where they exist. The RDF metadata for the LSIDs are generated on the fly by querying the Hymenoptera Name Server using a simple XML service Norm Johnson provided. Given a URL of the form the service returns a XML document for the corresponding reference. I simply transform this into RDF.
However, as an added feature, if the publication is an article I use Crossref's OpenURL resolver to see if a DOI exists for the publication -- if so, this gets added to the RDF as a <dc:identifier> tag.
Like most other LSIDs that I serve, the service is slower than it could be because everything is done on the fly, and in this case two calls may be needed to generate the metadata (see diagram below). The authority is, and the namespace is pub. Here is an example LSID, which you can either click on in your browser ( or using Launchpad (

One encouraging observation is that DOIs are not restricted to recent literature. For example, dates from 1952, but has a DOI (doi:10.2307/2422200).


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