Thursday, September 07, 2006

Connotea tags

The following SPARQL query returns the "tags" for a Connotea reference using the DOI as the search term (in this case doi:10.1007/bf02224026):

PREFIX dc: <>
SELECT ?subject
?doi ?bnode 'doi:10.1007/bf02224026'
. ?connoteaURI ?identifier ?doi
. ?item ?connotea ?connoteaURI
. ?item dc:subject ?subject

The graph being queried is this RSS file, which I've put in a triple store.
This query is simply following the path in the RDF from the DOI <connotea:idValue>10.1007/bf02224026</connotea:idValue>.

Note: One potential "gotcha" is that DOI's are not case sensitive, but SPARQL queries are (oh oh).


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