Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More GUIDs

Idylly Googling, I stumbled across The Knowledge Bank at OSU, a DSpace server at Ohio State University. A number of publications on ants are listed there, complete with PDFs. For example, "The Mating Activities of the Ant Myrmica Americana Weber" by Kannowski and Kannowski, published in The Ohio Journal of Science in 1957. This paper has a GUID in the form of a Handle (hdl:1811/4489). What I find interesting is that digitisation efforts by libraries are putting biodiversity literature online as part of a broader effort (i.e., we get these papers, and a GUID, "for free"). This also raises issues about duplication of effort — clearly, if a library has put a PDF online, we don't want to duplicate this. Hence, we need a simple way of finding whether a paper has already been digitised. Google Scholar may be useful for this, although in this case Google finds the paper but Google Scholar doesn't.


  • google scholar only finds registered repositories, that is somebody has to submit a link to it. That is an issue with new self archives. The link though can, I guess you discovered that already, found by clicking on "Web" under a given link in google scholar.

    By Blogger Donat Agosti, at 10:50 pm  

  • Donat, I don't think you are correct here. Yes, you can contact Goolge Scholar to ensure that a site is indexed, but in most cases if Google can crawl your site, they will have done so already (see FAQ 1). Indeed, the fact that so many "personal" copies of article PDFs appear in Google Scholar results shows that you don't need to register for Google Scholar to find you.

    By Blogger Rod Page, at 10:17 am  

  • hopefully, you are right. It is though a topic in the self archive /open access community, and I stumbled over this problem studying the Z├╝rich Open Resources Archive (ZORA) which ought to contain all the UNIZ-published papers (unless copyrighted) and the few I checked out where not in google scholar, but google. I guess, these all are temporary issues


    By Blogger Donat Agosti, at 2:02 pm  

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