Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Perils of federation

Dave Vieglais gave what looks like an interesting presentation at TDWG 2006. BigDig monitors the status of DiGIR providers that serve museum specimen records. I've not managed to get the map background to appear, but here's a snapshot of the geographical distribution of providers, and their status:

The happy faces are DiGIR providers that are live, the sad faces are not responding. What is interesting that a fair chunk are offline, of the 180 registered providers, 25 have never responded, and there are something like 17 variations of the DiGIR schema out there.

It's a little scary that so many providers are offline, and that they differ in the format of the messages they accept and return. For federated searches that are "live," this spells disaster. His presentation is here (rather unhelpfully in Open Office format, so I've made a PDF).


  • Stefano Mazzocchi has an interesting post On the Quality of Metadata..., in which he notes that a survey of registry of all the OAI-PMH archives shows that "Dublin Core is way more fragmented out there than people want to admit (and there it goes your common denominator semantic cage)". Seems DiGIR is not the only vocabulary with multiple variants loose the wild.

    By Blogger Rod Page, at 10:02 pm  

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